Monday, June 30, 2008

Paco Gets Gay

And so do we. At the San Francisco Pride Parade.

We marched with the rest of the BADRAP contingency and won the unofficial costume contest (I say unofficial because I think we were the only ones participating).

Paco walked strong the entire time. Granted, it's not a long parade, but the entire event is pretty tiring for the pooches. Let's just say he slept well the rest of the day!

You can see more pride pix (and a sweet video) here!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonus Footage

Because Paco's mom is a little bit, ahem, technologically challenged at times, these videos were only recently uploaded and formatted for sharing.

Paco loves to fetch the stick at the lake. He's like a little otter in the water! And he can seriously beat any dog to the stick (just ask Pandora, she's eaten his waves before).

Shaking it off

And this is why Paco needs a bath when we get home (and why there's a brown ring around the tub).

(Okay, shameless product endorsement here: after all the abuse his Paco Collar goes through, it still looks great!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paco's Vacation

So this weekend Paco went on his first vacation in 4 months. We went to his favorite place on earth, Pyramid Lake (the one just past Reno, not the one near L.A.). It's the place he learned to swim when he was a wee pup and we make a pilgrimage at least once a year. As you can see, he really pops against the natural palette.

I'm not going to give away our secrets, but we have a spot that almost nobody knows about and you're pretty much guaranteed privacy (unless it's a major holiday weekend). The end result was that only two people intruded our solitude the entire time. One just drove by in their truck and the other was a dirt bike rider who stopped for fifteen minutes to explore the rock formations. Other than that, we got to loaf around, and Paco got to relax and swim to his heart's content for days. Well, day and half.

Here are some choice pics:

On top of the rock

Crazy swimming face

(there's a small stick in his mouth, hence the really weird expression)

Showcasing his native style

Group shot with Paco doing his best Zoolander impression

Dirt Face (aka. "Pig Pen")


Feasting like a wild animal

Dead dog after a weekend of fun